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What is love

Givaudan Fine Fragarances

Givaudan is a global leader in Fragrance & Beauty and Taste & Wellbeing. They celebrate the beauty of human experience by creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature.

With their customers they deliver food experiences, craft inspired fragrances and develop beauty and wellbeing solutions that make people look and feel good. 

They are committed to driving long-term, purpose-led growth by improving people’s health and happiness and increasing our positive impact on nature. This is Givaudan. Human by nature.

what is love
what is love

Discover this ground-breaking immersive fine fragrance experience highlighting Gen Z’s new, emotive perception of love.

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Blossom Lab Givaudan

Givaudan dévoile son Bloom Lab, conçu par l'agence Vanessa Touati. Un laboratoire mobile révolutionnaire

pour concevoir les futurs naturels de la parfumerie, directement sur place dans les champs à travers le monde.


Sustainable ingredients in the heart of nature with Blossom Lab.

Imagine creating a new perfumery ingredient using freshly picked naturals and cutting-edge technology, surrounded by the sights, sounds and scents of nature. Blossom Lab™, our one-of-a-kind new mobile laboratory, makes this immersive experience possible for the first time ever.

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Givaudan confie à l'Agence Vanessa Touati la création scénographique

et la production de son évènement "my Bloom" à Paris, New-York et Shangai.



Filmé en Norvège par Janicke Askevold / Art Director : Vanessa Touati






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